Removing files past a certain date

In Linux, you can perform the following command in the directory that has the files to be deleted:

sudo find -mtime +30 -exec rm -R {} \;


Teamcity Incompatible Runner

While using teamcity, we run into the issue where an agent changes and becomes incompatible with certain projects.  The message is “Incompatible Runner: Ant”.  We are using Maven.  I am not 100% sure that this is do to ownership.  But, when I see this message, I will login to the build server and run the following command:

chown -R appbuilder:ApprissUsers /opt/appriss/buildAgents

Then I restart the buildagents and everything is back to normal.  I believe that this error occurs because someone is restarting the agents without using the appbuilder user, like I mention in my other post about agents being down.

TeamCity Build Agent Disconnected

If an agent becomes disconnected for whatever reason, you can follow these steps to re-connect it:

ssh to the server that the disconnected agent is on.

go to the build agent’s bin directory (i.e. /opt/teamcity/buildagent/buildagent01/bin/)

su to the user that the agent runs as (i.e. appBuilder)

run start

That will start the agent, and after a few seconds or so, the next time you go to TeamCity, it will be connected.